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Receiver In Wireless Optical Mouse (CA1004)

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This Mini Wireless Optical Mouse provides a great radio frequency (RF) wireless input solution for the mobile professional. Take it on the road easily, and use it with optical precision on virtually any surface—anywhere you use your laptop. Optical technology allows the Mini Wireless Optical Mouse to track every motion with digital accuracy. It also moves and stows easily, and does away with the need for cleaning and maintenance required by any ordinary mouse. The greatest advantage of this innovation might be its ease of wireless operation, which frees you from having to connect cords that only permit motion within a restricted space. The Mini Wireless Optical Morse works on your notebook computer from as far as three feet away.

~Receiver-in Mouse, easy to carry
~Digital Radio Technology
~Low Power Optical Sensor
~4 level Power Saving Mode
~On/Off Function
Package Content
Optical Mouse X 1
Mini USB receiver X 1
AAA batteries X 2
CD Driver X 1

Regular Price: $18.00

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